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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Picture, and thoughts. And big news!

I should be studying right now, since a have an exam in two days... Just some quick updates. 

Look at what a pretty picture I took 😍 I just started trying to learn how to take good photos, I'm so proud.

It's Verbania, seen from about 300m above sea level. I've been spending almost every weekend of my summer there. Not like I wanted to, I kind of had to for family reasons, but still! So beautiful. They say if you are in Milan you should take the train and go the Lake Como, but this Lake Maggiore is also a gem.

Now, to the serious stuff.

I haven't really been writing much lately. Reality is I don't really have much to say. I tried to keep up with this blog writing about travels and other stuff, but it just doesn't work. This blog was born as an exchange student blog. I used to write about all the things that make studying abroad so amazing. I used to write about cultural exchanges, troubles with the new language, things I missed about Italy, new adventures,  people that made my 10 months away special. I spent 10 freaking months in Kennesaw, Ga. I'm not gonna say it was the best time of my life, because probably it wasn't, but damn it was good. I experienced. I laughed. I cried. I learnt so much. I grew up so much. 

Not a year in your life, but a life in a year, they say.

It was three years ago when I left. And I still miss it. I miss being an exchange student. I miss living in another country, and dive myself head first into a new culture. I'm all for traveling and spending a weekend in some place and having a blast, but that's not my ideal thought of happiness. Not just happiness, more like challenge. And the satisfaction to say "Yeah, I went there, knew nobody, didn't speak the language, but in a couple of months I made a whole new life there from nothing."

So, well, I'm really happy to say that I'm soon going to be an exchange student again!

I'm gonna be an exchange student at Sciences Po, the Euro-Américain campus in Reims, France.

I will be there from January till May, and I really need to brush up on my French since je ne sais pas ce que je dis. I can't wait to find a room there and start classes in this new environment and meet new amazing people and AAAAAAAH HAVE BREAKFAST AT A LEGIT BOULANGERIE!!!!

I'm sorry, this is getting out of hand.

Anyway, I will also have to opportunity to cross out some of the items on my life list, and also I'll have much more to write about on this blog, which will return to its original purpose: being an exchange student blog. 



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